Don’t buy it, lease it

Let’s face reality, who has N2 million to buy a used car in Nigeria? Can you beat your chest and boast that you can pay N20 million for a brand new car. Would you rather drain your account to buy that brand new power generating set or you take a lease and pay in installments? Which option do you think will preserve your cash flow?

Outright acquisition of assets with your own money can have its advantages and disadvantages, so also leasing of assets. The doyen merit of leasing of assets through Opticom Finance is that you would not need to break the bank in order to pay for the asset you need. You just need to contact us and we will be happy to consider your request for loan or lease.

Leasing and cash flow

Would you rather maintain a healthy liquidity or use all your money to buy that asset? When you lease an asset through Opticom Finance, you will pay lesser monthly repayments than out rightly acquiring an asset.

Why do you want to go broke now because you want to buy an asset?

There is an opportunity cost when you use all your money to acquire an asset. The money used can be deployed for other use.

Even if you do not have the cash required to buy your choice asset, Opticom may still be of assistance.


  • Submission of a fully completed lease application form
  • Proforma invoice from an accredited dealer
  • You must have a clean credit record

Requirements for salary earners

  • Letter of introduction from your employer
  • 6 months pay slips or bank statements
  • You must be above the age of 18 years with a proof of identity and address

Requirements for SMEs and Corporates

  • The profile of the company or business enterprise
  • The most recent audited financial statements
  • Bank statements of the company/enterprise
  • Personal guarantee of the directors of the company
  • In the case of a limited liability company, a board resolution authorizing the application for vehicle finance should be provided.

Why not contact us today and ask about our finance lease product.