Gold Loan – Get A Loan Against Gold Jewellery

Why should you sell your gold jewelleries at ridiculously low prices because you are cash strapped? Why should you run from pillar to post because of personal or business loan when you can easily use your gold ornaments to get loans from us easily?

At Opticom, you can get a gold loan by using your gold jewellery as security.

Gold Loan 1

What you need to do to access our Gold Loan

Contact us either by phone (+234903564-8) or email. You can simply walk into our office at 10th Floor, UAC House, 1-5 Odunlami Street, Lagos, Nigeria.

Speak with our Relationship/Loan officer

Fill the loan application form; please note that you can do this online here.

Bring your gold ornament or jewellery for assessment and valuation

You must also meet our minimum requirements for loans, the requirements are:

  • Provision of an acceptable form of identification (Driver’s license, voters card and International Passport)
  • Provision of an acceptable proof of address (Government utility bill – Electricity bill not older than 3 months, water bill and waste bill etc)
  • You must have a bank account
  • You must pass our credit check
  • You must be 18 years old and above

Gold loan

What you can use our Gold Loan for

You can use our gold loan to meet the following personal or business needs, among others:

  • To pay the school fees of your children
  • To finance your business
  • To pay for your medical bills
  • To attend to almost all personal needs etc

How our Gold Loan helped a 55-year old mother

Mrs. Ojogbane Musa (not real names) approached us when she wanted to pay her only son’s school fees. Her son was studying in one of the leading universities in the United Kingdom.

Mrs. Musa had gold jewellery worth over N7.5 million at the time she contacted us. All she needed to sort out the school fees of her son was N4 million.

We valued Mrs. Musa’s gold jewellery and credited her bank account with the loan sum she requested for within 48 hours.

Mrs. Musa never knew she could get a loan with her gold jewellery. In fact, she was contemplating of selling her jewellery before she heard about our gold loan product.

This is how we put a smile on the face of this mother and ensured that her son graduated from the university without any financial stress.

Are you under financial pressure and you have gold jewelleries? If yes, why not contact us now.