Invoice Financing – How our solution can ease your business tight cash situation

Small business owners are not always eager to take loans from formal institutions or sources. You just want a way out when liquidity seems tight.

At Opticom, we lend business owners money against their uncollected receivables. Instead of running a business with little or no cash, you can easily convert your unpaid invoices to cash via our invoice financing solution.

invoice financing

How our Invoice Financing Solution can help your business

Provision of the much needed liquidity for the smooth running of your business

Allowing small business owners to reclaim control of their liquidity

Making the cash available when it is needed allows business owners focus on  other important aspects of the business such as product development, customer service, marketing and promotion.

Our Requirements

  • Incorporation documents including Forms CO2, CO7, MEMART, etc
  • Profile of the business
  • Bank statement(s) within the last one year
  • Complete Application Form
  • Invoice Financing  Application Letter
  • Letter of authority to discuss with your banker(s)
  • One (1) passport photograph of one of the directors or contact person
  • Valid means of identification (Driver’s license/ International passport/or any government approved means of identification).

Contact Us

For Invoice financing solution, please contact us on +234-1-903564-8 or You can also visit us at our office on the 10th Floor, UAC House, 1-5 Odunlami Street, Lagos, Nigeria.