Opticom VIS


Opticom Leasing Company Limited is licensed by Always Aware, Inc., United States of America, to offer and and distribute its wide range of American technology products and solutions for intelligent communication between machines, asset tracking and fleet management in Africa.Opticom is a well established, active and stable operator in the Nigerian leasing market. Our vision is to be a market leader in leasing and asset finance in Africa.

Our core values and driving principles are customer-centricity, responsibility, innovation and professionalism and transparency.Opticom's Board of Directors is made up of highly seasoned professionals with considerable local & international experience and clout.Consistent with our strategy of developing vendor alliance or partnership relationships, Opticom Leasing has secured the rights to offer Always Aware's world-class Vehicle Intelligence solutions, products and services under the brand name OpticomVIS. By combining AlwaysAware's cutting-edge technology and Opticom's intimate knowledge of local market and realities, OpticomVIS is able to provide unprecedented capability in monitoring, reporting and responding to both routine and emergency vehicle conditions.

The product range of OticomVIS is truly diverse and caters to both individual vehicle tracking and fleet management corporate needs. We are able to meet the growing demands of our customers using the robust new features and functionality of the solutions and products offered. Some of our available products are:

OrionVIS: Orion Vehicle Intelligence System provides subscription- based mobile telecommunications for powered and unpowered vehicle. Offers vehicle security, operation management control, turn-by-turn navigation, emergency response, travel management services, hands free calling and remote diagnostics anywhere in the world.

EliteVIS: Elite Vehicle Intelligence System provides commercial-grade subscription-based mobile tracking and communications for powered and unpowered assets such as generators, tractor-trailers, containers, heavy-duty equipment, offshore vessels and other assets. Elite's proprietary technology provides a long term tracking management solution, even in harshest environments and remote locations where external power may not be available.

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