Opticom Leasing’s primary product offerings include:

Finance Leases: For individuals and organizations that seek ownership of assets at the end of the tenor
Consumer Finance (Auto-Loans and Personal Loans): Auto loans and personal loans for individuals to finance purchase of motor vehicles under a loan arrangement and to finance personal emergencies.
Operating Leases: For organizations that seek to keep assets off their books to preserve cash flow and improve the quality of their balance sheet.
Fleet Management: For organizations that own or plan to procure a large fleet of vehicles either for mass transportation or for intracity transportation of their employees/customers, and seek alternative financing solutions to improve cash flow and reduce maintenance and replacement costs.
Consumer Finance (Working Capital/LPO Financing: For SMEs that have been issued confirmed procurement orders to supply goods to pre-qualified organizations with good payment record on executed supply contracts.
Heavy Equipment Rental/Hire (e.g. Low Bed, Dumper, Excavator etc.): For organizations that require heavy machinery for business/production purposes but seek to preserve cash flow and reduce/eliminate maintenance/replacement costs.
Investment Management: Opticom provides investment services primarily to individuals who want options or alternatives. We provide this service by offering various types of investment accounts i.e. Commercial Papers (CP) and Asset Management Scheme etc.
Solar Financing: Solar loans, Solar leases and other Financing products. Supported by Solar Nigeria.