Solar Financing – Get a solution to frequent power outages in your home

Solar financing is one of the most popular ways to go solar in Nigeria. At Opticom, we are determined to promote the use of solar energy in Nigeria by helping you to acquire the solar equipment and solutions you need to solve your electricity problem.

The use of solar power can reduce your dependency on power from the public grid by as much as 100%. If you do not want to completely go solar, you can use solar energy to provide power to your home when your electricity provider cuts power.

Requirements to access our solar loan

Contact us either by phone (+234-1-903564-8) or email us on You can visit us at our office on the 10th Floor, UAC House, 1-5 Odunlami Street, Lagos, Nigeria.

Speak with our Relationship Officer

Fill the Lease or Loan application form; please note that you can do this online here.

You must also meet our minimum requirements for a lease or loan, the requirements are:

  • Provision of a government issued form of identification (Driver’s license, voters card and International Passport)
  • Provision of an acceptable proof of address (Government utility bill – Electricity bill not older than 3 months, water bill and waste bill etc)
  • You must have a bank account
  • You must pass our credit reference check
  • You must be at least 18 years old

solar power loan

What we can finance

We can finance the following solar power equipments:

  • Photovoltaic Systems/Solar Panels
  • Batteries
  • Power Inverter
  • Solar Charge Controller
  • Cables etc.

Advantages of using solar energy

Solar energy is renewable. There are no fears that the source of solar energy can be exhausted.

The use of solar energy in your home can reduce the cost of electricity over time. Solar energy is one the cheapest sources of electricity especially when you have fully paid off the cost of the solar equipment needed to generate power.

The use of solar energy can boost the value of your house. If you are in the business of investing in real estate or buying and selling of houses, the use of solar power can positively impact on your real estate assets’ prices.

Solar power has a low maintenance cost unlike other power generating equipments like gas and diesel power generating sets.

Solar energy is very clean. Dangerous fumes emitted from hydrocarbon powered electricity generators are non-existent in solar equipments.

Disadvantages of using solar energy

The initial cost of acquiring solar power gadgets is a slightly high. Please note that the cost is a fixed cost and incurred once in about 5-30 years.

Are you still worrying about how to get financing for your solar energy needs? If yes, why not contact us now and ask us about our solar loans.