Vehicle Finance Lease – Your opportunity to own a car

At Opticom, we can provide financing for the acquisition of brand new and pre-owned vehicles. Our vehicle finance lease can help an individual or a company to have the opportunity of owning a vehicle or a fleet of vehicles through easy, convenient and flexible financing.

What you need to know about our Vehicle Finance Lease Product

  • It is available to salary earners, businessmen, SMEs and corporates
  • This vehicle loan requires the payment of a minimum security deposit of 30% of the value of the vehicle
  • The loan has a maximum tenor of 24 months
  • Our rates are competitive


  • Submission of a fully completed vehicle lease application form
  • Proforma invoice from an accredited vehicle dealer
  • You must have a clean credit record

Requirements for salary earners

  • Letter of introduction from your employer
  • 6 months pay slips or bank statements
  • You must be above the age of 18 years with a proof of identity and address

Requirements for SMEs and Corporates

  • The profile of the company or business enterprise
  • The most recent audited financial statements
  • Bank statements of the company/enterprise
  • Personal guarantee of the directors of the company
  • In the case of a limited liability company, a board resolution authorizing the application for vehicle finance should be provided.

How we assisted XYZABC Limited (not real name)

XYZABC Limited is a company operating in the downstream petroleum sector of the oil and gas industry in Nigeria.

The company contacted us when it wanted to give its senior members of staff status cars.

The company needed some units for its staff and we financed the acquisition in a seamless and easy manner.

We did not only make the purchase of vehicles possible, we also indirectly assisted XYZABC to motivate its senior members of staff by providing the much needed loan for the acquisition of the status cars.

We have assisted a number of individuals and companies to make their dreams of owning a vehicle come true. We can also do the same for you.

Why not contact us today and ask about our vehicle finance lease product.